About WheelDoggy
WheelDoggy is about helping people create a better life.
Greetings from WheelDoggy.comWe are happy you stopped by WheelDoggy.com
That is our "Why" or reason for being.  This is based on a concept created by Simon Sinek where an organization can be thought of as a set of concentric circles.  The inner circle is "Why", the next layer out is "How" (our differentiating features) and finally the outer most layer is "What" (our products or services).  We feel it is important to "Start with Why", as Simon suggests, so that guests to our site understand what we are trying to do.

How we do it & for whom...
Whether you are a customer looking to have more free time or someone who would like to earn more money, WheelDoggy.com can help.

People use WheelDoggy to be more productive and get tasks done that they either don’t have time for or would rather not do themselves. People also use WheelDoggy to learn about and start their own business.

What we are...
WheelDoggy is an online business service that connects people who have tasks to be done with the people who will do those tasks.  As our tagline says, "We make it easy to get things done."

Our standards...
WheelDoggy is a place where people respect the rights of others. The rules related to this are set forth in our Terms of Use, Privacy policy, User Code of Conduct and Guidelines for New Customers and Helpers.  These documents are updated as needed and represent the high standards we expect from ourselves and everyone who uses WheelDoggy.com. 

Creating a better life means that you are getting the most out of life. It is about finding ways to address challenges that used to seem like insurmountable problems. 

A "better life" is about enjoying your own life and making other people's life better by the way you interact with them.  That is WHY this site was created and it is why we come to work every day.

We hope you sign up and join the WheelDoggy community !