Choose Plan

Free Trial Plan for Helpers gives you the ability to bid on up to a total of 20 tasks over 90 days.  When you bid, keep in mind that there is a commission fee of 14% of the total bid amount.

You can extend your free trial period in a number of ways...
- by referring friends who sign up as customers or helpers
- by achieving a high rating and submitting a request via our "contact us" page.
- or, by participating in one of the contests or promotions we occasionally run for the site.  These are typically posted on our News page or our Blog ... so check back regularly !


The Basic Helper Subscription Plan allows unlimited number of bids for a low monthly fee plus a substantially reduced (7.5%) commission fee on each completed task.



The Gold Helper Subscription Plan allows unlimited number of bids for a slightly higher monthly fee (compared to the Basic Helper plan) plus a lower (5%) commission fee on each completed task.

Gold Subscribers also have their bids featured at the top of the list which increases their visibility and improves their chances of being selected.

Gold Subscribers receive free admission to most WheelDoggy-sponsored events along with VIP seating.

Universal plan

  • Unlimited number of tasks.
  • Unlimited number of bids.
  • Featured tasks.
  • Fees similar to Helper's basic plan.
  • Free admissions to buisness development workshop.