Helper Verification Process
Why Verify?WheelDoggy Verification symbol (TM)
President Ronald Reagan, when he was negotiating treaties with the Russians, liked to use the Russian proverb... "Trust, but verify"!  A successful business relationship is also built on trust ... but since WheelDoggy customers probably don't already know everyone who will bid on their tasks, we are developing a verification process for Helpers.

How does it work?
The "Helper Verification Process" sets minimum standard for Helpers and will include a credit check to determine how well a Helper manages money, along with a criminal background check so customers know that they are dealing with law-abiding, respectable Helpers.  Many Helpers will achieve this verification... and the best ones will be rated highly through the rankings provided by Customers.

What about references from Helpers?
We are working on a streamlined way to check references provided by Helpers but the WheelDoggy rating system is probably just as good, if not a better, way of determining the reliability and dedication to customer service since it is made up of customers who have worked with the Helper.

How do I know if a Helper is Verified?
Look for the verification symbol in their profile.  This means that they have met a minimum standard as a Helper and it gives their rating more weight.

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